Listen to the experts chat about space rock, robots, and astronauts.

Episode 12: NEOTOLEDO meets Karanastic

Where NEOTOLEDO and Karanastic discuss comic books, ninja turtles, and why super heroes don't always show up where they should be.

Episode 11: w/Matt Downey from Flannel Response, Part 2

Where Khryztof interviews Matt Downey, drummer for Flannel Response!

Episode 10: w/Matt Downey from Flannel Response, Part 1

Where Khryztof interviews Matt Downey, drummer for Flannel Response!

Episode 9: w/Jesse from The Paragraphs

Where Chuck and Khryztof interview one of their favorite local artists, Jesse Hofbauer from The Paragraphs

Episode 8: Shutting Down the Signal to Space

Where our striped down crew talks about Pluto and creating our own heaven.

Episode 7: Transparent Displays and Self-Driving Cars

Where the crew members of the NEOTOLEDO space station discuss legal ways to copy your DVD's on to betamax, pesky flying drones, and transparent displays.

Episode 6: The Internet of Things

Where the crew discusses the internet of things and the possibility of Google exploiting the song Uke the Robots.

Episode 5: Keeping the Mission Alive

Where the crew answers questions from their listeners and reveals their musical influences.

Episode 4: Artificial Unintelligence

Where NEOTOLEDO discusses the dangers of artificial intelligence and rap battles in the future.

Episode 3: My Bionic Hand Knows the Plan

Where the NEOTOLEDO crew discusses the abilities and disabilities of robot arms.

Episode 2: Neotole-DOES, what Ninten-DON'T

Where NEOTOLEDO discusses lightning striking twice, video games, band names, and a potential Christmas album.

Episode 1: The Beginning

Where NEOTOLEDO discusses their origin and what it takes to be an astronaut.