NEOTOLEDO, "Carlsbad's Hardest Rocking Band," formed in San Diego, CA in 2004. The project was started by two visual art students from Bowling Green State University as a performance art project against conformity and corporate dominance. After years of experimentation and research, the project spun out of control, creating a genre of music known as "Anti-Robot Experimental Space Rock." After various lineup changes, the current roster of NEOTOLEDO is Khryztof (Guitar/VOX), Smalls (Bass Guitar), Stecki (Synthesizer), and Chuck (Drums). Their mission is to prevent the spread of pro-robotic propaganda and prophesize to the world the coming danger of a robot uprising. With the help of their close followers, NEOTOLEDO can still prevent the scientists from implanting microchips into our brains, injecting nanobots into our blood, and building unstoppable robot overlords.