NEOTOLEDO recorded a variety of live, home demo, and studio tracks over the course of their career. The first set of recordings were done with Khryztof on guitar, Stecki on keyboards, Smalls on bass, and Bobby on drums. After Bobby took an extended 6-month hiatus, he was replaced by Chuck in the studio (and on stage). Chuck re-recorded Bobby's parts on many of the early tracks (such as "Kopernicus"). The band's one-day session at Mira Costa College was recorded live in the studio, with no overdubbing or studio tricks; two tracks from that session ("Night The Robots Came To Life" and "View From The Moon") remain the definitive documents of the band's best-known lineup.
After a long hiatus, Khryztof, Chuck, and Stecki got together, while Smalls began raising a family. The boys took a stripped down approach to these songs, leaving out the synthesizer all together. While these songs were molded after the thriving San Diego rock scene, VHS was not warmly embraced, despite their obvious hipster cred. Fans and critics alike just weren't ready for this dirty, raw departure from NEOTOLEDO's more experimental roots. Track 9, 3000 Miles into Space with Khryztof on electric guitar, instead of ukulele is the biggest gem on this record, although some may say that the title track, Circus and the tribute to the first dog in space, Laika hold their ground nicely. The album was recorded live at Citizen Recording in La Mesa, CA.